Hhans Audio interview

I was put in touch with EDM producer Hans Watkins through my cameraman Dominic Thomas. I was surprised at Hans seemingly effortless talent for production. He was super laid back and very down to earth. While he hasn’t done much yet, Hhans Audio shows a lot of promise.

Have you thought of any possible stage names you might want to take on?

I haven’t gotten too far with the whole the stage names thing. Right now I’m using Hhans Audio. The extra H is because the URL on Soundcloud for “hansaudio” was taken. Hoping to drop that H eventually, but other than that I’ve not given it much thought.

What was your earliest musical experience?

My friend brought his guitar over to my house when I was seven years old. I started playing that and began to take up other instruments, eventually moving into electronic music.

Do you have any musicians in your family?

My older brother. Him and I produce together, we’ve always played music together. We were in a band and would switch off on drums, bass, and guitar.

When did you get into electronic music?

It started freshman year. I heard a Deadmau5 album and was really into it. I started producing and tried to make stuff that sounded like it, which didn’t work out. But hey, always improving right?

Who are you’re primary influences?

I’m really into KOAN Sound. Skrillex obviously because everybody likes Skrillex. It switches around a lot; right now I like Amon Tobin and Eskmo.

 How do you go about making a new track?

I start out by picking some drums from my sample library. Then I’ll write a drum track, start messing around with some synths until I find something I like. Then I just go with it and build upon the existing sound until I’m happy with what I’ve made. I try to keep a groove the whole time and make sure the track keeps flowing. I need good sound design in my tracks; it’s not fun to listen to a track without some interesting sounds. I make sure everything moves and the mix is tight.

 What is your most recent work?

I’ve been just messing around with different ideas since I released my Strange Clouds remix. I’m sort of trying to expand my perspective on a couple genres so nothing complete at the moment, but I’m really digging the whole trap thing that’s going on right now so I might give that a try.

For video interview, check out my Youtube Channel and make sure to subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheIang503

Information on Hhans Audio can be found below (click links to be redirected):




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