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I interviewed fellow Portlander Galexy, who is a rapper from Lincoln high school. I got into his music about three months ago, and I think he shows a lot of promise. Portland isn’t exactly a hotbed for hip-hop, so it’s always good to see local emcees coming up. Galexy was great to work with; super chill dude with surprising focus for a seventeen-year-old. I will be doing a follow up with both Galexy and Itay (his producer) in the weeks to come, so stay tuned for more on this duo.

Where did you get the stage name Galexy?

My name is Alexander Burns-Miller, so gALEXy has my name in it.

 What’s your earliest musical memory?

When I was really young I had these CDs that I would play on my radio. I would know the lyrics front to back on every CD; I had a really good memory for lyrics but not for anything else.

Do you have any musicians in your family?

Both of my godparents are both really avid musicians; they play the piano and trumpet. They heavily influenced me and inspired me to pursue music.

When did you start listening to rap?

The sixth or seventh grade. I was really into Jurassic Five, Eminem, Common, and Kanye West.

When did you start rapping?

About halfway through freshman year.

What music did you grow up with before getting into rap?

Mostly choral music. I’ve been in and out of choir since the third grade.

How did you and Itay end up collaborating?

Itay goes to my high school. He was kind of sceptical of me being a rapper; he hadn’t heard any of my stuff. At first he sent me a few beats and I sent them back with my raps. He really liked them, so we started collaborating sophomore year, working on our first album The Burnside Chronicles. We have been working together ever since.

What do you believe makes the Portland rap scene unique?

The Portland lifestyle. Portland is a place where people congregate; there are so many different backgrounds and stories within the city. I think that melting pot is what makes the rap scene unique.

What emotions are you trying to convey through your music?

I want people to feel like they are listening to something different. I put a lot genuine thought and effort into my music. My music isn’t all about celebration; rather it’s about the journey to get to celebration. I think from where you start to where you finish is the most important start of any story. My music talks about trials and tribulations, but eventually I’m hoping to get to talk about the reward.

What sort of person would you be without your music?

I think I would be a completely different person than I am today. Music has helped me get through so many different things; writing songs lets me vent and explain what’s going on for me. It’s therapy to me; without music I would be a darker person with less friends. Music is a way for people to connect and understand each other.

What keeps you going when you feel like your music isn’t going how you want it to?

I have a passion for music; I want to keep making better and better stuff for other people to listen to as well as for myself.

What has been the most memorable moment in your music career thus far?

When we performed at the Mission Theatre here in Portland. There was a crowd upward of 300 people there. We were only performing at intermission; it wasn’t like they were all there to see us play. Even so, it was great playing for a crowd of that size.

What can we expect from Galexy in the near future?

Itay and I are working on a new mixtape called Passion. It’ll have twelve tracks, not as many as The Burnside Chronicles. After that, I’ll be doing a mixtape on my own called Late Nights and Summer Buds. It will be more laidback and more singing based then the other projects; there will still be rapping. It’s going to be a different sound, which will hopefully give way to diversity in my future projects.

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