Adrian Lau interview

I got a chance to interview one of my favorite up-and-coming rappers Adrian Lau. While relatively unknown at the moment, Adrian shows a lot of promise, making appearances on MTV Rapfix and collaborating with big-name producer Harry Fraud. Because he lives in New York, we had to conduct the interview via the internet. You are going to be seeing a lot more of Adrian in the months to come.

What sort of music did you grow up with before you discovered hip-hop?

My parents listened to a bunch of whack shit. Honestly, I can’t remember listening to much music before rap; I bought my first DMX album when I was like 7 and it was hip-hop everything from there on out.  I just recently started listening to other music a lot when I started making beats.

How did you first get turned on to rap music?

Going to public school in Brooklyn.

When did you first start rapping?



Who was the MC who really inspired you to begin rapping?


Has your family been supportive of your musical pursuits?

Yea, they are both in film so they are into that art life.

When did you begin to realize that you had something that people wanted to hear and that your rap could be something more than just a hobby?

I haven’t had that realization quite yet (laughs).

Known associates?

Harry Fraud and the surf school crew. My dude Eddie B raps and Red Walrus Rico and Asher are the young consigliore’s.

Tell us about you’re producer Harry Fraud. How did you two meet and when did you begin collaborating?

That’s the big homie. We only been working for a little over a year now but we’ve made some ill records and he has a crazy ability to envision different things for every artist he works with. We both love smoking weed and met through pot friends.

How did it feel to be featured on MTV with Lupe Fiasco without even dropping an EP?

Pretty dope. I’ve worked hard but I’m also very lucky for opportunities like that.

What has been the hardest of being a rapper?

Not making lots money off it.

How would your life be different without your music?

It would be a different life altogether.

How do you feel about todays rap scene, specifically that of New York?

I think there’s a lot of dope shit out, but I think the public focus is on the wrong music. NY is holding it down as always though; A$AP Rocky, Joey Bada$$, Action Bronson, and a few others are all getting good press and they’re ill.

What can we expect from your first mixtape Surf School?

One self produced tape and one harry produced tape. Not sure how many songs for either one though. All I know is that the one with harry is sounding trippy as fuck. I brought nothing but my best for those records.

What does the future hold for Adrian Lau?

Hopefully money and bitches. Oh, and spiritual enlightenment to.

Information on Adrian Lau can be found below (click links to be redirected):


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